It is impossible to publish a standard price list for designing websites. The reason is that every website can be vastly different in terms of it's content. Some websites are static and are portfolios for your business. Other sites can have forums and email lists that add a dynamic side to the site.

That is why I want you to think about what you want before you call:

.Work out the number of pages you have/want and how many pictures you want, whether you want animation, details of any online forms you need, any database requirements etc and how much updating you need.

.Please be as specific as possible. That way I can quickly give you a realistic quote.

.Work out how many pages you need managed by me - and how often they will be updated.

In terms of hosting, for most websites, I charge a monthly fee of £10. This includes email services but not support or updates for your website. For regular updating of your website I charge £25/hour. On-demand updates £35/hour. On-site teaching £depending on location.


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