Website Design for Colchester, Essex and London

My philosophy of designing websites:

- A clear uncomplicated design that gives an accurate representation of the client's business.

- The navigation system should be as simple as possible to make sure that an site is easy to navigate to where a visitor may want to go to on the site.

- Quick loading - this involves optimising graphics/pictures to the smallest filesize possible that retains the best visual quality and also hosting the site on a fast local server.

- Coding - Websites should be coded cleanly to make alterations as quick as possible.

- Compatability - All sites should be viewable on any device including mobile devices and adjust their layout to fit the screen on which the site is being viewed.

- Search Engines - On completion, a website should be submitted to Search Engines for indexing. The website must be accessible and intelligable to Search Engines in order for it to be properly listed.


UK Web Design Services by - Colchester, Essex, CO27BS
Services available for London, Essex, Colchester, Ipswich and Chelmsford areas.
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